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Service Operating Times

Monday – Friday between 7am – 7pm (except public holidays)
A minimum fee of 2hrs will be charged for any call-outs to site by GWB engineers.
For engineer call-outs that occur outside these standard operating times, an out of hours call out fee of four hours will be charged.
If a service call continues past 7pm and the customer wants the engineers to continue working on the system, the customer will be charged at and additional half time rates ($77.50 + GST per hour). To avoid the extra charge, the engineer can return to complete the job the following day.

Labour Rates

Monday – Friday for work carried out between the hours of 7am – 7pm, an hourly rate of $155.00 + GST will apply. If an engineer works after 7pm in order to complete a job that is in progress, the ‘after hours’ fee will not be charged.
For engineer call-outs that occur outside of our standard operating times of 7am-7pm, an out of hours call out fee will be added to each hour invoiced. For contracted customers, the discount structures detailed above will apply to all labour outside of scheduled maintenance.
Living and travel expenses outside of metropolitan areas where GWB have service technicians based and are qualified for the work required will be charged to the customer.

Travel and Living Costs

Travel times to and from the customer facility will be charged. Living and travel expenses outside of metropolitan areas where GWB have service technicians based and are qualified to do the work required, will be charged to the customer.

Payment Terms
For all new customer payment on parts and service will be 100% upfront before any work will commence or parts delivered.
Customer who have an account with GWB will be issued with an invoice payable within 7 days for invoices valued under $10,000.00. For any work or parts where the invoice will be more than $10,000.00 then a payment of 50% upfront will be required before any work will commence or parts dispatched.


If, for any reason, the customer fails to pay for the service work or parts in accordance with the Terms of Payment above, GWB shall be entitled to charge and the customer must pay interest on all sums overdue at the rate of 2% per annum accruing daily from the date that the payment becomes overdue until the date that the payment is made (inclusive).

 Service assistance

In order to maximise the efficiency of our engineers and minimise down time on the machine, any assistance from your operators to help with cleaning jobs that take place over a service will save you time and therefore money.

Parts Pricing

GWB will endeavour to provide parts at competitive pricing but will only use quality parts recommended or supplied by the machine manufacturer. Unless stated different all parts are quoted ex-works GWB Brisbane. Freight charges for delivery to customer site will be invoiced additionally.

After Market Parts

GWB cannot guarantee work done where the customer supplies the parts. If the customer chooses to supply parts then the customer will be charged for any follow up work required.

Restocking Fee

Any parts ordered by the customer from GWB and the customer does not take delivery or wants to cancel the order will incur a 30% restocking fee if the part can be used by GWB again. Any parts which are special orders for the customer then the customer must pay in full.


Verbal understandings in respect of price, specifications, delivery, payment or any other terms are excluded from this Contract and cannot be recognised unless confirmed by GWB in writing.

Other Conditions

You grant our engineers and us authority and permission to operate the equipment or machinery for the purposes of maintenance and repair.
It is the responsibility of the customer to provide safe working conditions for our engineers and to provide power and standard utilities.
We warrant that our services will be in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and that any parts we install (except for customer supplied parts) will be as recommended by the manufacturer. If any manufacturer recommended part we install is faulty, then any rectification or replacement of that part will be subject to the supplier’s warranty, normally 6 months but will be confirmed with supplier.
We do not warrant functionality or performance of the machines we service.
While GWB will use reasonable endeavours to obtain any necessary spare parts needed for any repair or service work, GWB is not liable for delays due to sourcing of parts, usual or unusual, which are required or for any other delay beyond the control of GWB.
While GWB will make every effort to assess any defect in the machinery before beginning to repair any product, GWB does not guarantee that the repair suggested will solve the fault for the machineries. Under certain circumstances, through no fault of GWB, another defect or fault in the machinery may arise and that may only be apparent once the initial repairs are carried out or during, or at the conclusion of, and scheduled service.

Any warranty given by GWB will not apply if any of the parts or services are rendered faulty by a fact or circumstance outside the control of GWB such as:

(a) Damage through misuse by the customer, neglect, accident or ordinary wear and tear;

(b) Continued use or operation of the machinery after a defect or fault has arisen;

(c) Damage through exposure to chemicals, dust, residue, excessive voltage, heat, atmospheric conditions or other forces or environmental factors or customer operational factors outside of GWB’s control;

(d) Repair, modification or tampering with the machinery by the customer, or by any person other than GWB; use of parts, components or accessories which are supplied by the customer.

Where GWB is responsible for any defect or fault in the services supplied by GWB, whether under this agreement or under any law, then (to the extent the law permits GWB to do so) GWB’s liability is limited to, at GWB’s option:

(a) Repair or replace of any faulty part;

(b) Replacement of the cost of repairing or replacing the parts;

(c) Payment of the cost of acquiring an equivalent part;

(d) Re-supply of any service; or

(e) Payment of the cost of re-supply of the service.

To the extent permitted by law, GWB’s liability is limited and GWB is not liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage arising in any way in relation to the parts or the service of the machinery.
The law of Queensland applies to this service agreement. GWB reserves the unconditional right to adjust our pricing for labour and spares at anytime for any reasons beyond our control.


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