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KOHLER develops and produces part leveling machines and strip feeding lines for
presses and automatic stamping machines.


Why Level?

Optimum Solutions from Individual Machines to Linked and Automated Production Lines

Irrespective of the size and material, sheets need to be leveled after cutting to size. This is because tension-free sheets are a precondition to achieving the absolute best quality in downstream manufacturing processes when welding, bending, or assembling. Precise leveling with a roller leveling machine produces sheets that are level and largely free of stresses.


Efficient Welding

Reliably and Precisely Levels and Relieves Stress for Sheets and Part Blanks

Leveled parts speed up both automated and manual welding processes, since the welding gap is more constant due to leveling of the material having been leveled. The use of leveled and therefore low-tension parts means they remain flat during welding. This reduces the pre-work required and the end product is more dimensionally stable.


Part Leveling Machines

Optimum Leveling Results and Excellent Efficiency

The Peak Performer part leveling machine from KOHLER reliably and precisely levels and relieves stress from sheets and blanks. Your downstream production processes benefit from higher quality leveled parts and sheets, as there's no need for time-consuming, manual rework. KOHLER's part leveling machines have no hydraulic systems whatsoever, which means that coupled with their excellent energy efficiency, they play an active role in saving resources in industrial sheet metal processing.

KOHLER is breaking new ground and confirming its position as the market leader with its use of direct drives and electromechanical leveling gap control in hydraulic-free part leveling machines. The KOHLER Peak Performer part leveling machines level sheets that are 0.2 to 66 mm thick.

Part Leveling Machines
  • For Light Laser and Stamped Parts: Typical applications: laser job shop, equipment manufacturing, electronics industry, aviation, automotive, precious metal processors, and custom applications
  • For Laser, Plasma, and Stamped Parts: Typically used in laser job shops, steel building, mechanical and plant engineering, and general sheet metal production
  • For Medium-Sized and Heavy Blanks and Sheets: Typically used in laser job shops, flame cutting shops, heavy-duty mechanical and plant engineering, the railroad industry, and shipbuilding
  • With Roller Bending for Targeted Elimination of Edge or Center Waves: Typically used for perforated sheets and panels
  • Tandem Leveling Line – The Perfect Combination for Round Parts: Typically used for all round parts with stringent levelness requirements
Top Features
  • Intuitive user guidance with Expert Calculation: Quicker Setting Thanks to Easy Operation
  • Innovative Drive Concept: For greater energy efficiency
  • Advanced Cleaning System: Quick and easy cleaning of the leveling rollers and supporting rollers


Peak Performer

Precise, Efficient & Cost-Effective

Whether with your own parts leveler from KOHLER or leveled on a contract basis at KOHLER: In many cases, this already pays off in the next production step such as bending, welding or assembly. Excellent leveling results are achieved through the use of small leveling roller diameters, optimum roller spacing, and extra-wide supporting rollers.

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Our experience in the sheet metal manufacturing and engineering business stretches back to the 1960s. This means you receive expert advice and service from engineers who understand your business. GWB Machine Tools is Australia’s sole distributor for LVD quality machinery, Flow Corporation Water-jet Cutting Machines, Lissmac handling and processing machines and DCM Tool Grinders.


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