Next generation adaptive bending for large profiles
Synchro-Form is a unique and revolutionary new adaptive bending system designed to make bending large profiles easy, efficient and consistently accurate. Synchro-Form ensures angular consistency on large parts with multiple bends. This next-generation adaptive bending system automatically measures and compensates for every bend so that the geometric profile is perfectly formed. Synchro-Form eliminates manual operations, reduces setup and handling, and ensures consistent bending results – delivering high throughput for large-profile bending.
  • Multi-axis ‘Synchro’ modules for automated part positioning and manipulation
  • Automated ‘laser scanning’ feedback modules
  • Adaptive in-process bending of multi-bend profiles
  • Bending parameters automatically controlled by LVD’s unique ‘intelligent’ learning database
  • TOUCH-B touch screen graphical user interface control is intuitive and simple to use
  • 2D & 3D color graphics simulate part creation and display material handling sequencing
  • Enhanced Energy Reduction System (ERS)
  • Ideal for profile parts made for the crane boom, yellow goods, lighting pole, construction, transport, agricultural, offshore oil/gas and wind power industries.
  • CADMAN-B programming software
  • Configurable options at point of order: open height, stroke, throat and gap, and more
  • Tooling system Vertical load ‘W’ style top tooling
  • Synchro-Form Series – 320 tons by 4 meters up to 3000 tons by 14 meters
  • Configure to order product – see quotation for specifications and technical details

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