Glen Dimplex Case Study – Cadman Jobs

Glen Dimplex New Zealand is part of the Glen Dimplex Group which was founded in 1973 and considered the world’s largest electrical heating business holding significant market positions in the domestic appliance industry worldwide. With an annual turnover of NZ$3.6 Billion, the Group employs over 10,000 people.

As industry 4.0 has become a competitive requirement Glen Dimplex choose to upgrade to LVD Press Brakes and a Phoenix laser cutter to sync with Cadman Jobs and their existing ERP system. The ERP system communicates with CADMAN-SDI, which imports drawing formats and feeds the data back into the ERP system to help calculate costs. ERP then automatically provides an accurate quotation, based on the actual cutting times of the machine.

With CADMAN-JOBS you can run through the status of every order, The delivery date for the piece in both its 2D form and 3D form is, of course, top priority. The production operator can filter data in various ways in order to bundle jobs.

The CADMAN suite has increased returns by:

  • creating accurate cost estimates quickly
  • increasing efficiency and saving material by bundling jobs
  • detecting errors and reproducing parts rapidly
  • carrying out recalculations based on actual production times

After cutting, the pieces are moved to the machine table or unloading pallet for sorting. LVD has provided a sorting function for this operation, which is controlled from a tablet, the Touch-i4. The tablet provides information on the various production orders in the nesting, i.e., the number of pieces, the position in the nesting, and the following operation.


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