Strippit P-Series

Strippit P-Series

Efficient &


LVD’s P-Series CNC turret punch presses offer a high level of efficiency and productivity in an economical design. Based on LVD’s renowned punch press technology, P-1212 and P-1225 models feature an advanced control, rugged frame and a proven hydraulic ram system to achieve high reliability and high throughput.

P-Series 20-ton punch presses deliver up to 300 HPM at 25 mm pitch and up to 650 HPM at close pitch. These machines handle a range of material sizes and thicknesses, and accommodate a nominal workpiece size of up to 1250 x 2500 mm, depending on model. Larger workpieces are handled with sheet repositioning. The Smart Clamp feature automatically determines exact clamp positions to provide the smallest possible no-punch zones.

A 21-station thick-style turret is engineered for high performance, reliability and ease of use. Three 50,8 mm auto-index stations are standard. These stations can accept up to 50,8 mm diameter tools, as well as today’s most advanced tooling innovations, providing optimal flexibility. Tool changeover is simplified with quick and easy access to multiple turret stations from a large tool-load door.

P-Series punch presses feature a single-piece stress-relieved bridge frame and advanced table positioning system to achieve accuracy of ± 0,10 mm with a repeatability of ± 0,05 mm over the entire table.

The rigid bridge frame and precise tool guiding system ensure punch and die alignment to provide long tool life and consistently high quality parts.

P-Series punch presses employ the powerful Fanuc 0iP control with self-prompting color displays that simplify use while maximizing efficiency.

The P-Series punch press is engineered to deliver performance with economy.


& Reliable



Hydraulic ram technology offers complete control of ram position, allowing P-Series punch presses to achieve the highest punching rates in their class. Parameters are easily accessed and changed to provide optimal forming characteristics and to reduce slug pulling.

The advanced hydraulic drive system reduces noise and shock to increase machine longevity and reduce tool wear.

P-Series punch presses feature a direct drive axes configuration that provides the industry’s tightest tolerances. This design better controls both part tolerance and repeatability to eliminate backlash and wear for long-term accuracy and reliability. P-Series machines provide accuracy of ± 0,10 mm with a repeatability of ± 0,05 mm over the entire table.

Rigid table guiding design ensures smooth, fast and accurate positioning of the piece part.

Patented sheet repositioning system handles larger sheets and special part configurations.

Smart Clamp feature automatically determines exact clamp locations to provide the smallest possible no-punch zone.

Distance between work clamps can be maximized for excellent stability while punching large sheets.


& Flexibility



P-Series punch presses are equipped with a 21-station thick-style turret engineered for capacity and flexibility. This versatile turret design allows every station to accept shaped or round punches and dies, reducing set-up time.

The turret is gear-driven from the outer edge for smooth, precise and fast tool change. Shot pin assemblies are also mounted beyond the punch and die locations to optimize alignment at the tool during the punch cycle.

Large tool door allows easy access to the turret for quick tool loading. Quick-change die holders further reduce turret set-up time.


Ability to punch at any location on the sheet using any turret station within the nominal sheet size reduces repositioning and maximizes productivity

Generous distance between upper and lower turret facilitates high forming operations.

Joystick mounted near the tool load door provides easy, convenient rotation of the turret for tool changing.


P-Series punch presses feature three 50,8 mm “C” size autoindex stations as standard. These programmable stations allow shapes to be punched at any angle. Each station accepts tools up to 50,8 mm in diameter, including wheel-style or scribing tools


P-Series turrets feature hardened steel guide bushings for accurate punch and die alignment and are keyed to accept shapes in every station. Bushings can be quickly and easily replaced, eliminating the need for costly remachining of the turret.

Hardened outboard shot pins provide precise alignment of punch and die for exceptional hole quality

Gear-driven turret design ensures fast, precise indexing.

Bi-directional turret rotation automatically selects the shortest possible route to the next punching station for fast station-to-station positioning.


CNC Control


P-Series punch presses use the Fanuc 0iP CNC control. This powerful control provides Fanuc’s renowned reliability in control and servo technology yet offers simplicity for operator input of critical dimensions. The control allows the machine operator to edit, input or output programs during machine operation to reduce set-up and improve productivity.

Random and repeat patterns simplify programming, reduce program length

Tool hit record tracks hits for each punch in the turret.

PCM card slot, RS232 or network interface allows simple updating of software revisions and easy backup of parameters and part programs.

CADMAN offline programming system