Tandem Press Brakes


The Ultimate
CNC Hydraulic
Press Brakes

Meeting the demands of a constantly changing marketplace requires fl exibility, reliability and the use of advanced production techniques that ensure end-product quality. Flexible automation has become a key element in the success of any manufacturer. LVD PPEB press brakes represent the latest technology in press brake automation, providing industry with the means to respond to an ever-evolving marketplace. Features such as these help PPEB press brakes lead the way in process automation.


Tandem Series press brakes allow for the combination of two PPEB-H heavy duty press brakes in a synchronised tandem

Typical industries served include earth moving, lighting columns, cranes, aerospace, transport and defence.

New intuitive and intelligent CADMAN® Touch PC based control ensures reduces ‘Art to Part’ time and optimises bending results

Bending parameters automatically controlled by LVD's unique 'Intelligent' learning database

Full offline integration and programming via CADMAN-B 3D software

When used in tandem mode both machines are controlled via one CADMAN® Touch control

LVD heavy duty tooling is available to suit your individual application

Machine has many configurable options at point of order: open height, stroke, throat gap and backgauge

Additional options are available such as:- automatic tool changing, variable vee dies and automated material handling

Machine of dissimilar tonnages and lengths can be combined in a tandem configuration for maximum productivity and flexibility


Multiple operating modes ensure fastest 'Art to Part' times

Each machine in the tandem can also be used independently increasing flexibility

Can be fitted with LVD's Easy-Form® in process angle monitoring and correction system

Models available:
From – 400 ton/ 4 metre by 400 ton/ 4 metre tandem
Up to – 3000 ton / 14 metre by 3000 ton / 14 metre tandem

Tandems are also available in asymmetric configurations.



Powerful Touch-B PC-based Windows® Control ensures fail-safe operation of the machine while offering the operator considerable assistance in part programming

Exclusive CADMAN®-B 3D bending software allows automatic programming of the part and precise determination of the blank size

Bending sequences are automatically determined from the userdrawn 2D part created with the simpleto-use graphics editor

All axes of the press brake, including the CNC crowning system, are calculated by the control and are automatically positioned for optimum bending results

2D & 3D color graphics simulate part creation and display material handling sequencing for optimum part production

Tool libraries and interactive databases are maintained automatically for application of the precise bend allowance factors and angle correction values, ensuring accurate fi rst time bends with minimal or no trial bending

New Touch-B control provides the fastest and most accurate way to produce parts on a press brake today

New graphic interface ensures fast art to part times

Programmable Crowning System V-axis

CNC crowning ensures the ram and table are parallel during the bending operation

Sheet thickness, length, die opening and tensile strength data are entered into the control

Force and related defl ection of the table and ram are automatically determined, preloading is optimally obtained for each bend

Microprocessor Technology for Optimum Precision

Press brakes up to 400 tons are designed and built utilizing a welded one-piece frame, machined without repositioning, guaranteeing machine precision

Hydraulic cylinders are machined from a solid steel billet

Pistons are steel forgings, precision ground and micropolished for years of trouble-free service

Microprocessor Technology for Optimum Precision

Servo-controlled using state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics to ensure perfect control of the bending process

Double bed referenced encoders are connected to the bed in such a way that deformation of the side frames during bending does not influence the positioning accuracy of the upper beam (Y1, Y2)

Easy-Form®Laser Measuring System

Patented system (EP 1 102 032) allows exact measurement of the angle during the bending process

Laser sensing mechanism tracks the plate during the bending process and transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC control unit

CNC unit processes the information and subsequently recalculates the depth adjustment to obtain the correct angle in real time – with no process interruption and no loss of production time

With LVD PPEB and Easy-Form press brakes, you obtain an optimal bending process and excellent bending results — from the first piece.