Lynx FL 3015

LYNX FL 3015

Fiber Laser
Cutting Machine

LVD has utilized its experience in laser cutting technology to develop an affordable and cost effective entry into the world of fiber laser cutting, the Lynx.


Trusted Brand

Developed by LVD’s joint venture company in China, LVD CNC TECH, the Lynx benefits from LVD’s extensive experience in laser cutting as one of the industry’s most trusted brands and the advantages of local manufacture and assembly.

Major Brand Components

Lynx features major brand components such as an IPG fiber laser source, a Precitec cutting head and a Siemens integrated control and drive package, to deliver top performance and reliability.

Optimal Cost Per Part

LVD has carefully balanced the technical specifications of the machine with the machines price point to ensure optimal cost per part.


Engineered for cost efficient laser processing, the Lynx fiber laser cutting system offers the flexibility to process a wide variety of material types and thicknesses all within a modest and cost effective budget.


High Processing Speeds

Due to the fiber laser’s wavelength, power is absorbed faster by the material enabling processing speed up to three times as fast as a CO2 laser.


Cutting Head

The new Precitec “Light-Cutter” guarantees high cutting speed with excellent cutting quality. It incorporates an easy and fast protective glass cartridge change, temperature and constant distance control and a crash-protection system.


Versatile Material Capabilities

The Lynx provides accurate processing of traditional sheet metal materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium with the added versatility to process non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.


Integrated Control And Drive System

New Siemens IU CNC control and inclined rack and pinion drive system guarantees the highest reproduction of programmed contours even at fast processing speeds


Automatic Shuttle Bed

The Lynx is equipped as standard with an automatic pallet changer that enables the loading and unloading of sheets and parts while the other pallet is being processed in the machine; with a change over time of just 35 seconds.




Low Running Costs

Fiber laser sources feature a high power conversion ratio of 30% wall plug efficiency, combine this with the operating principle of fiber laser cutting, no laser gas, simple beam delivery to the cutting head and you have a machine with very low operating costs.

Maintenance Free Laser Source

The Lynx is equipped with an IPG fiber laser source. Fiber laser sources are virtually maintenance free, providing consistent power delivery for thousands of hours without the need for maintenance intervention.

Cost Per Part

In thin materials a fiber laser can cut up to 3 times faster than a CO2 laser, therefore more parts per hour can be produced. Increased productivity combined with low operating costs directly lowers the cost per part.