Impuls Series


Laser Processing


Make your heavy-duty fabrications operations more productive and profitable with advanced laser cutting technology from LVD, a leading manufacturer of metal fabrication equipment. Our line of heavy-duty Impuls lasers addresses the special needs of plate fabricators.

We’ve advanced such features as rotary axis cutting and introduced the powerful Fanuc 6 kW resonators to our Impuls laser systems for fast and accurate processing of a range of materials and material thicknesses, including stainless steel, plate and wear and structural plate such as Hardox, Weldox, Domex and others.

Impuls Series lasers offer large table capacities to handle materials up to 12500 x 3000 mm and the flexibility to process flat plate or load the table while processing pre-formed parts or tubes.


The Impuls 12530 features a work area of 12.5 x 3 meters.



A flying optics laser profiling machine with a beam length compensation system

Equipped with a single system Fanuc laser package, incorporating laser source, control, motors and AC drive amplifiers

Highly rigid design with precision drives ensures high accuracy cutting

4 and 6 kilowatt laser options

Standard Network Card provided to interface to optional CADMAN-L 3D software package, which offers even more capabilities for higher flexibility and productivity

The Impuls 6020 handles a maximum sheet size of 6250 x 2050 mm.



High Productivity

High Flexibility

Fast Cut-To-Cut Workpiece Changeover

Improved Accuracy

High Reliability

Simplified Operating Procedure

Low Maintenance And Operation Costs


Laser Eye

Optical sensor referencing system

Allows automatic and noncontact datum calculation and sheet referencing from pre-punched holes or two adjacent plate edges

Allows automatic and noncontact datum calculation and sheet referencing from pre-punched holes or two adjacent plate edges

Crash protection

Built-in safety system to protect the cutting head in case of collision with a tipped part

Automatic lens calibration

After inserting a new lens, the exact focal point of the lens will be determined without operator intervention

Plasma detection

Continuously controls the cutting process. In case of a cutting failure, plasma will occur and the system will either slow down, or stop and activate the retry function. This allows unmanned processing of stainless steel and aluminum, higher cutting speeds, and helps reduce scrap

High pressure (clean cut) cutting head

Standard equipped for a 5″, 7.5″ or 10″ cutting lens

Cutting technology database

User-friendly control

With extensive diagnostic functions

Quick-change lens

(5″, 7.5″ and 10″) equipped as standard with a cassette system for quick replacement of the watercooled focusing lens

NC Focus

Programmable adjustment of the focal position of the lens in relation to the nozzle

Operator intervention to adjust the focal point is no longer required

Piercing time drastically reduced

Improved piercing stability in thicker material

Piercing sensor

Guarantees perfect piercing in thicker material, irrespective of variations in chemical composition and surface condition of the plate

Capacitive height sensing

Built into the cutting head:

Maintains a constant distance between the head and the material being processed

Adjusts to any undulations in the plate

Built-in scrap conveyor

For a wide variety of materials





Impuls lasers achieve high productivity and accuracy by combining high axis speeds with optimal cutting conditions over the entire cutting area, using a unique constant beam length system.

In most machines, the divergence of a laser beam is compensated by use of a telescope and/or adaptive optics. With these systems, however, a variation in cut quality over the cutting area can occur because of a change in the focal position and/or focal spot size. The constant beam length system of the Impuls eliminates the divergence of the laser beam, ensuring identical results over the entire cutting area, at optimal speeds, with superior edge quality.

The edge function feature facilitates cutting sharp corners, particularly in thicker plate.


Laser Package


All LVD lasers systems feature the Fanuc laser package. Fanuc, global market leader in CNCs and drive mechanisms, is a major supplier of laser systems with over 10000 units sold. The company produces a custom package solution for LVD that delivers important benefits for laser systems users.

The Fanuc laser package includes a laser, CNC controller, and digital servo drives.The package gives the user full control over the cutting process with the most reliable technology in the world. Endusers benefit from integral interfaces, easy installation and start-up, and a host of additional functions that make laser processing more economical.

Impuls systems use a 4 or 6 kW fast axial flow high power CO2 laser with high frequency (HF) excitation utilizing MOSFET semiconductor technology. High frequency resonators are universally accepted as extremely reliable and maintenance friendly. There is no need to change electrodes due to erosion or because of contamination. These lasers also provide extremely economical use of laser gas (10-20 l/H). All resonators feature the latest radio frequency excitation technology for high reliability.


Impuls 4030, 6530, 8030, 12530

Impuls 4030, 6530, 8030 and 12530 laser systems combine high processing accuracy and large table capacity to uniquely address heavy plate fabrication requirements.

Impuls heavy-duty laser systems provide the largest sheet carrying capacity in the industry with a table capacity of three meters. These laser systems accommodate multiple sheets, up to 16 sheets of 3 x 1.5 meter material.The ability to load multiple workpieces increases cutting time and reduces material handling. Using larger material sizes also improves sheets utilization and nesting efficiency.

Impuls systems process flat plate up to 25 mm mild steel, 15 mm aluminum, and 20 mm stainless steel. The machines also provide a fully programmable Z-axis with travel up to 280 mm.



Flexibility is the key to productivity in laser cutting. With the capability to process flat plate, pre-formed parts and tubes, the Impuls 4020-R offers the highest level of flexibility available in the market today.

The standard configuration provides two shuttle tables and a 280 mm fully programmable Z-axis for use with a rotary axis or for processing pre-formed parts. The shuttle table allows the user to load/unload one table while the machine processes flat plate or load the table while processing pre-formed parts. Changeover from flat sheet to rotary can be achieved within seconds.

The Impuls 4020-R processes larger diameter tubes (up to 500 mm) and pre-formed parts than any other system and is the only machine of its type to combine rotary and flat plate cutting with ease for the ultimate in processing flexibility.

The Impuls 4020-R processes tubes up to 500 mm diameter with a weight of 950 kg. Even when processing a single part, the 4020-R is the ideal tool, since flat sheet cutting can continue during rotary set-up or loading/unloading of the tubes.






The productivity of Impuls laser systems is enhanced using LVD’s CADMAN® offline programming software.

CADMAN’s automatic functions simplify programming and increase the productivity and flexibility of the sheet metal fabrication process, while its complete integration provides a total fabricating solution with just a single CAD/CAM tool.

CADMAN-L 3D incorporates fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual nesting and optimizes cutting and machine parameters to maximize sheet utilization. This software module allows the user to configure lead-ins/leadouts and allows for cutting path optimization, common line cutting and high-speed communications and networking to maximize machine productivity.