Axel 4020 Series

AXEL 4020



Low Cost Intl

Axel 4020 – the next generation of high performance Axel systems – provides dynamic laser processing of thick and thin materials in sheet sizes up to a full 4 x 2 meters. Axel 4020 incorporates the latest in linear drive technology, laser power and control systems providing advanced cutting capabilities, high flexibility and ease of use. Exceptional beam quality cuts thin material at high speeds of up to 40 meters/min and thick material up to 25 mm mild steel with consistently high quality surface finishes. A high pressure (clean cut) cutting head accepts a 5”, 7.5”or 10” cutting lens. A safety system protects the head from collision with the workpiece. A 2.5 meter lifting door provides quick and easy access to the cutting area.

Integrated System for Optimal Performance

Fanuc laser source, CNC, PLC and motors are integrated as a complete system to optimize machine performance, offering high speed and reliability, low operating and maintenance costs

Integrated control provides perfect reproduction of programmed contours, producing acute angles at high speed

All parameters, diagnostic and start-up procedures are conveniently displayed on a color screen

Powerful 32-bit control features an extensive material library

Offers the flexibility of 4000 W or 6000 W laser source.





Frame design incorporates high precision hardened guide ways and optimal drive systems to achieve high-speed acceleration and positioning speeds. Rigid construction minimizes deformation caused by high acceleration, improving overall machine accuracy

A constant beam length system keeps the diameter of the laser beam constant, maintaining a fixed focal point position. The result is higher cutting speeds and superior cut quality maintained over the entire working area

Shuttle table change in only 24 seconds

Total Power Control automatically determines the necessary laser power for the cutting speed

Laser Eye optical sensor referencing system provides automatic and noncontact sheet referencing

Automatic cutting gas selection (Oxygen, Nitrogen or compressed air) optimizes processing

Automatic gas pressure control with servo valve



The Axel is available with CADMAN-L 3D, a fully integrated, highly automated CAD/CAM programming system for the design, unfolding, importing, nesting and cutting of laser parts and sheets.

CADMAN-L 3D is part of the integrated family of CADMAN® programming software which streamlines the fabricating process by providing a seamlessly integrated solution from concept to finished part


Axel 4020 is standard with integrated shuttle tables for continuous, uninterrupted part processing. The shuttle table design allows one table to be loaded while the machine is cutting on the other table, maximizing uptime.

Optional automated load/ unload system for sheets up to 1000 kg can also be retrofitted at a later date. The load/unload system is fully integrated and programmable.

Optional warehouse system can be retrofitted at a later date