DVR installs the worlds first LVD DynaPress


DVR installs the worlds first LVD DynaPress

I read the press release on it and I said to my son, Steve — I said, “Steve, this is going to be a great machine for us.” So, we made a decision on the spot and ordered one straight away. Basically, the machine has paid for itself with these products that we’ve been running for the last 6 months. With our other small machines as I’ve said, it would have been a pick up, one bend, lay it aside, reset and do another bend and lay it aside. Now, we pick the part up, bend it and it’s the finished part put down. As I said, it only takes seconds.

It’s been a tremendous experience for us working with GWB and as I’ve said before, it’s really worked for our business in as much as we now get drawings from customers electronically. They’re drawing it with this LVD software and they’re folded, nested, all fairly automatically by Steven and then it goes straight to our machine. So, it has streamlined our processing, our company, our punching, our bending. Once again, the jobs have been queued so that everybody knows what to do next and my role is just really as an overseer of all that and it’s amazing how we can get parts out the door so quickly. Having the full suite of LVD software and how it really does work for us — I think it’s the way of the future.

Of course, you know, people don’t have to ask questions they know where their next job is. They just have to press the button and there is the job waiting for them and, usually, there are the parts waiting for them to bend. So, they can look at the screen but they can see down the line, the parts are coming through and know exactly what to.
They’re only minor in the big, bad business world out there — they’re only minor things but for those things to happen in a small family company, I think is great, you know we can — we are probably a big, small company and we have fun doing it, that’s the main thing.

Basically, everything we do is now pretty much paperless. This is programmed effectively into the machines and we roll the product out on time and at a very cost effective rate.

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