About Us

We love everything that cuts punches and bends.

Since 1990 GWB Machine Tools has grown a proud reputation for high quality machinery supply and efficient support.  LVD have been with GWB since our founding making it one of the longest partnerships in the industry, longer than many of our competitors. Flow and Lissmac have also shared a long association with GWB. GWB have the advantage of offering long-term personal relationships and remaining dynamic to adjust to our customers needs. You are still dealing direct with the owners instead of layers of management. Our long association with LVD means that we have personal contact with the owners of LVD and can provide the answers directly from them.

For over 25 years GWB has primarily focused on developing a strong national service support organisation across Australia and New Zealand. GWB have invested in staff training to have one of the most experienced and skilled service teams in the industry and take responsibility for the complete servicing of the machine. From installation, service, training and support GWB have the engineers available.

GWB now have highly trained and skilled local service engineers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide and Perth.